Starters & Desserts



Soup with Warm Roll £4.50

Battered Mushrooms with Garlic Dip (V) £3.95

Tempura Vegetables (V) £3.95

Garlic Bread £3.95

Mozzarella Sticks £3.95

Yakatori Chicken Skewers £4.95

Whitby Wholetail Scampi £5.95

Breaded Seafood Mix £5.95

Scampi, Salmon Goujons, Hot & Spicy Prawns, Squid Strips.

King Prawn Cocktail £6.95


*All our Starters are served with a Salad Garnish.



Homemade Fruit Crumble £3.95

Chocolate Puddle Sponge £3.95

Bread and Butter Pudding £3.95

Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake £3.95

Vanilla / Chocolate Ice Cream £2.50

*All our desserts are served with custard, ice cream or squirty cream.