Pub Food

Fresh, Local Pub Food at the Seaside

Come and join us at THE ROYAL GEORGE in Staithes, to enjoy well-cooked food that is homemade and doesn't cost a lot. Lunch and dinner are available in our pub, including crab sandwiches and steak and ale pies. We also serve breakfast for those staying in our B&B, but not separately. Reservations are accepted, but we also welcome walk-ins, including groups and kids. Up to 50 people may be seated inside.

Beer & Wine

Enjoy your tipple with a full range of all the lagers from top beer brands like Theakstons™, Stella™, and Carling™. Ciders and bulmers are also available, as well as different wines, including white, red, and rose. Our prosecco in particular is very popular with the ladies. Coffee and tea is also available.

Delicious Meals

Try your favourites from a wide range of dishes for less than £10. Our most popular item is our crab sandwich, made to perfection from locally sourced crab and fish. Plus, we serve the best steak pies around. When people come back, this is what they return for!

Dietary Menu

Vegetarians will find something to enjoy on our menu, and we also cater to your dietary needs. Our menu describes all the ingredients of every dish, so if you need something gluten-free, you have options.